What is Summit Earth™?

Summit Earth™ is the evolution of compliance management. This innovative, patent pending system combines precision GPS guidance and automation with custom web-based GIS software to control drilling waste management operations and eliminate recurring non-compliance issues.

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Summit Earth™ S3-S Navigator (S3-S Navigator) is the custom GPS guidance and automation system engineered to regulate and ensure compliant disposal operations.

Summit Earth S3-S Navigator Features:

Regulates disposal operations based on compliance parameters controlled by Summit, including:

  • Boundaries of disposal and non-disposal areas
  • Proximity to water bodies and hazards
  • Slope
  • Application rate
  • Disposal overlap
  • Regulated discharge pressure

Color touch screen shows compliance parameters and provides a visual reference of disposal operations. S3-S Navigator also displays:

  • Disposal and non-disposal areas
  • Visual reference of disposal unit and spray tracks
  • Integrated steering bar and steering guidance lines creating spray aesthetics and disposal efficiencies
  • Virtual vision of operations providing guidance for inclement weather or night time disposal
  • Identified hazards and potential safety concerns

Individual disposal tracks are mapped and used to calculate true disposal area

  • This information is uploaded into Summit Earth and superimposed onto satellite imagery for accurate reporting
  • Color coded flags and labels mark and record disposal sections or important information
  • Places responsibility and control on Summit and removes it from the operator of the disposal unit
  • Allows Summit to use complex fields equating to more land base
  • Improves health and safety of operations
  • Utilizes proven and tested GPS guidance technology manufactured by Hemisphere GPS


Summit Earth™ Desktop is the custom web-based GIS software and data entry platform engineered with powerful compliance management and reporting capabilities.

Summit Earth™ Features:

  • Compliance validation tool that meets all provincial regulatory requirements
  • Integrated auditing capabilities to ensure accuracy of data entries
  • Advanced reporting capabilities
  • Searchable database
  • Satellite imagery
  • Pre-job planning functionality
  • Promotes sharing and dissemination of information
  • Stores relevant information and data


  • Satellite imagery from Summit Earth is used to preview disposal area
  • Compliant boundary and disposal area are created using Summit Earth compliance tools, deviation controlled GPS technology, laser range finder, and visual inspection
  • Disposal area is uploaded and compliance parameters are programmed into the S3-S Navigator
  • S3-S Navigator is turned on, activated, and locks down control of disposal operations
  • Continuous verification of parameters occurs maintaining compliance at all times
  • Disposal operations completed the job file is exported from the S3-S Navigator into Summit Earth
  • The extensive compliance features and reporting functionality of Summit Earth are used to complete all reporting requirements

Summit Earth™ Ready Kits are installed in the disposal unit allowing them to utilize the S3-S Navigator system. Once Summit Earth Ready is installed it takes only 15 minutes to mount and connect the S3-S Navigator in the field.


Problem: Recurring non-compliance events result in increased operating costs, damaged public relations, and ever-tightening regulatory restrictions. Solution: Summit Earth is an innovative solution engineered to eliminate these events and demonstrates a commitment to better practices and service.

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