Drilling Waste Management

Summit is the leader in providing drilling waste management services to the oil and gas industry. Experienced and Knowledgeable, our compliance driven focus and practical, cost effective solutions combined with innovations such as Summit Earth™ make Summit the service company of choice.

Drilling Waste Management Services

Experts in providing drilling waste and project management services such as:

  • Landspray While Drilling (LWD)
  • Landspray After Drilling (LSAD)
  • Sump Sampling and Treatment
  • Landspread on Lease (LOL)
  • Landspreading
  • Pump Off Operations
  • Mix-Bury-Cover (MBC)
  • Residual Solids Disposal (RSD)
  • Subsurface Disposal Management
  • Disposal on Forested Public Lands Management (DFPL)
  • Invert Cuttings Management
  • Advanced Mud System Management
  • Facility Disposal Planning and Management
  • Cement Return Management
  • Shallow Gas and CBM Project Management
  • Oil Sands Exploration Project Management
  • Heavy Oil Project Management
  • High-Pressure Direction Drilling (HPDD) Waste Management

Summit Advantage

Summit, innovative and proactive, understands that regulatory involvement and continuous development are essential to quality service. Advances like Summit Earth™ are a leap forward for our industry and will change the way we manage the disposal of drilling fluid. In addition to experienced senior management (60 + years), qualified operations managers and trained field staff, Summit possesses a significant advantage: we are experts in numerous other services that potentially have an impact each other. For example, drilling waste management decisions can impact the direction and cost of future reclamation programs. This forward-thinking approach applied to our integrated service line is a major reason why Summit is the industry leader in providing drilling waste management services.

Environmental Services Related To Drilling Waste Management

Summit provides integrated environmental services. Some of these services complement drilling waste management and when managed together increase efficiencies and provide cost effective turnkey solutions.

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